Sunday, July 20, 2014


Have you forgotten your iPhone passcode ? Can't unlock your iPhone ?
Well then, this app provides you with a generated code that will unclock your iPhone.
You'll need the latest version of iTunes, connect the iPhone and put it in DFU mode. Click Connect, wait for the process to complete and then click Generate.



This little application removes an iCloud account form an iPhone. The first version, v1.0, was very buggy but the second one, v1.01, has most bugs sorted out.

There is a small possibility (15-20%) that it will not work for you ON THE FIRST TRY. This is due to different motherboard versions. Just try again, it will work. We will continue to release updated versions of this application, so that it will work on the first try.

To remove the iCloud account simply select your device ans the iOS version that the device is running. You'll also need the latest version of iTunes and the device must be in DFU mode. 
Click GO! and good luck!